Mayor Vico kabilang sa 12 Int’l Anticorruption Champions ng Amerika


TINANGHAL na isa sa ‘12 International Anticorruption Champions’ si Pasig City Mayor Victor Sotto na dumidepensa sa “transparency, combat corruption and ensure accountability,” inanunsyo ni US Secretary of State Antony Blinken.
“Around the world, corruption threatens security and stability, hinders economic growth, undermines democracy and human rights, destroys trust in public institutions, facilitates transnational crime, and siphons away public and private resources,” ani Blinken sa isang pahayag.
“The Biden Administration recognizes that we will only be successful in combating these issues by working in concert with committed partners, including courageous individuals who champion anticorruption efforts and countries working to fulfill their commitments to international anti-corruption standards,” dagdag pa niya.
Dagdag pa ng opisyal, mahalaga ang pagkilala sa mga ganitong indibidwal na “worked tirelessly, often in the face of adversity, to defend transparency, combat corruption, and ensure accountability in their own countries.”

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